Dirty Heads – Dance All Night

Published March 31, 2014 by kaelahlynn

This is a song that my friend Dan plays at his house all the time. This video is not PG it does have people drinking, smoking pot, and girls in bras. I know that it is not what I normally put on my blog, but I wanted to talk about this song and video. Why? Because I believe that in it shows how we as humans attempt to be happy and in some of these activities are happy. I am not promoting anything, so don’t take it that way okay? In this video it starts out with people walking into this house and there are drunk people everywhere. I was thinking were these people happy? Are they happy now? I mean there are many people who use drinking or smoking as a way to self medicate, but what about those others who just do it? The are happy right? When I see this I see people laughing and dancing, and just hanging around people others. No one is sad they are just living. Which I believe is something that is suppose to make you happy. BEING ALIVE. Living your life the way you believe you should live it. There are responsibilities that we have and need to take care of. BUT! Not hiding from the world gives you the opportunity to live and see the world for what it is. I am not saying go break the law, but don’t be afraid to try a live. You could miss out on the greatest night or day of your life. You could miss out on being happy. Back to the self medication. Is it bad that people choose to be happy by self medicating the way they are? I feel like if you are happy then do it, but if you are hurting yourself and others don’t. I like to go to parties I don’t drink or get high. When I do go to parties everyone is just happy. I know that there happiness is because of their intoxication, but they are happy. Other than that you should watch this video it is pretty good and it is super catchy.


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